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Child support is determined by a formula. The amount of child support that a parent will be ordered to pay is calculated using the Child Support Guidelines, and a worksheet created by the Court. The Guidelines usually consider four factors: each parent’s gross monthly income, the cost to add the child’s to a parent’s medical plan and the cost of child care. There may also be other factors to consider, for example, the number of overnight visits.¬†

Sometimes it can be challenging to determine the correct amount of child support. Often, at a Court hearing, the parents will each propose a different figure for child support, with each parent claiming to have used the worksheet correctly. The custodial parent’s goal is usually to receive the maximum amount of child support. It costs money to buy food, clothes, back-to-school things, child care, and other needs.The non-custodial parent’s goal may be to be required to pay the lowest amount of child support possible.This all gets more difficult when there are bad feelings between the parents.

A child support order is not final. You may file for an adjustment if there is a significant  increase or decrease in income, and other factors.

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