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Hawaii Paternity Lawyer

A paternity case is sometimes filed by a mother or a father, or by a husband who wants to dis-establish himself as the father.
In a paternity action, the issue may be more than simply having the Court determine who the father is. A mother or a father may also be seeking to address other issues, such as custody, visitation, payment of child support, payment of pre-school, sharing of information about the child, and so on.
Sometimes it can be a simple process: the attorney can draft up the necessary papers, and everyone signs, and the mother and father do not need to go to a hearing. Other times, the parents disagree on one or more issues, and there is a Court hearing.

Louis J. Markee, attorney-at-law, is able to provide legal counsel regarding all aspects of paternity issues. If you find yourself needing such counsel, call Mr. Markee for an office conference.

Paternity FAQs

When should I file for a paternity case?

It’s usually filed when you’ve ended a relationship with the other parent, but it can be filed earlier or later.

What issues could be raised in a paternity action?

The legal issues that may be addressed in a paternity judgment or order:

  • Establishment of paternity
  • Disestablish paternity
  • Inserting of the father’s name on a child’s birth certificate
  • Change of child’s last name to father’s last name, mother’s last name, or hyphenated last name.
  • Physical custody
  • Legal custody
  • Visitation rights or schedule
  • Child support
  • Payment of child’s expenses
  • Child’s health insurance
  • Payment of outstanding pregnancy and birth related expenses
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